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Hello! My name is Marty Buttwinick and music is what I do.

After thirty-five years of being a professional musician I am familiar with many aspects of the music world. Most people I’ve met enjoy music in one way or another and many have some musical need whether they “know” it or not!

I’ve delivered over 40,000 hours of private lessons and consultations, played for thousands of events both small and large, led bands, recorded for film and television, prepared written music for local singers and international stars and wear many hats.

Whether hobbyist, beginner or pro, chances are I can help you get to your next step of whatever it is you need or want.

In addition to using any of my services directly, feel free to contact me about anything you want to talk about or for which you need some information.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Marty B.

Studio (818) 242-7551
Mobile (818) 517-3164


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These are some of the services I provide. You can discover

more about each area by clicking on the links.


Private Music Instruction
Personalized music lessons taking each student to his or her next level. Bass lessons, guitar lessons, piano lessons, acoustic bass lessons and general theory and musicianship for all instruments including singers and songwriters. Beginners welcome.

I specialize in individually tailored lessons that really address YOU: who you are, what you know, what you don’t know and what you need to know. Every person has a slightly different set of abilities, tolerances and interests, so my fun in teaching is digging in to the exact sequences needed to get a student rolling towards their next playing level.

I teach out of my home studio and most of my students live locally in: Glendale, La Canada, La Crescenta, Burbank, Pasadena and other greater Los Angeles areas. For students who live outside of California, or far from Glendale, I also teach via Skype which works amazingly well!


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Personalized Music Lessons





Composer / Songwriter
Composing and songwriting have been my passion since birth. Some of my music is at this site, including my current releases covering Latin, Easy Listening, Swing and Rock-Fusion. Other genres include: rock, reggae, light classical, short themes and pieces, a Middle-Eastern dance suite and a few short video scores. Check it out!




Author / Musicians’ How-To-Series
The Musicians’ How-To Series consists of short- to medium-length booklets about a variety of music-related topics. This series provide musicians, singers and writers with supplemental information that for the most part isn’t taught in schools, and might or might not be learned on one’s own or from a private instructor. Much of this information has never been in print before. They are designed to throw in your bag or instrument case, take to your gig, rehearsal or jam… And PUT TO USE!


Electric Bassist
I’ve been a working bassist for thirty-five years and occasionally do sessions and gigs on piano and guitar. I play most styles of music fluently, sight-read and improv well, while grooving is a forte.

Throughout the years I’ve played a good share of musicals, hundreds of casuals, original acts, various club gigs including Las Vegas/Reno cabaret acts, jazz groups, reggae groups, swing groups, big bands, celebrity look alikes, Polynesian shows, disco and R&B acts, Broadway-type acts, comedy acts, award ceremonies, Latin acts and various show bands. I’ve performed at Tokyo and Osaka Stadiums with R&B/soul groups (to audiences of 50,000) and have also worked in many Middle Eastern and world-music ensembles. I’ve also had the pleasure of recording for Warner Bros., and you can hear me on various soap operas and cartoons as well. (More information at my music page.)


Music Copyist
A music copyist prepares written music for performance. A copyist writes the music down on paper in a fashion that musicians can easily read. Most of the work I currently do is making “charts” for singers and original groups to give their musicians to play at live gigs. The link will tell you more about this area…


Bandleader / Musical Director
Between my orchestral conductor training in college and leading a “casual band” for over ten years, I have a lot of experience in both leading a band and teaching others to lead their band(s). As a freelance musician I’ve been directed and conducted by a lot of great band leaders, so I’m well-experienced on the receiving end of directions as well.

I have been called either to lead gigs or help someone organize and run rehearsals for a show, whether I’m playing or not.

I can tighten up any show in a short amount of time. If you need this, you should call me! (Check out my Band Doctor section. It’s one of my favorite things to do.)


Live Music
The main group I’m working with now is the “Marc Bosserman Trio.” We play a wide variety of jazz, pop, rock, society swing, and everything in between. Sometimes we work as a quartet with a sax or guitar. We play a mixture of private parties and local clubs and restaurants around the Los Angeles area.

To book the group, contact our manager Joni at Marc’s site and she’ll set things up. You can also book us through Gigmasters by clicking on this graphic:



Contact me through this site if you need anything, or give me a call! Thanks for stopping by!

(818) 517-3164